9 maj 2012

Är du ateist? Bättre att vara humanist

Taslima Nasrin kommenterar Sam Harris screening-inlägg på ett roande, allvarligt och tänkvärt sätt. Hennes kommentar avslutas:
It is true that fear, hatred, and hostility of some Western people toward Islam and Muslims help made Muslims all over the world more religious, more fundamentalists, and more terrorists. We who were born into a Muslim family but became atheists and fighting Muslim fundamentalists know very well how difficult this fight has become.
We know there is a conflict. But the conflict is not between the West and Islam. Or West and East, or Christianity/Judaism/Hinduism and Islam. The conflict is between secularism and fundamentalism, between rational logical minds and irrational blind faith, between innovation and tradition, between humanism and barbarism, between the future and the past, between the people who value freedom and the people who do not. 
Atheists need more enlightenment to become humanists. I dream of a day when all atheists would be free from racism, misogyny, homophobia, megalomania and other silly problems. 
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