25 juli 2012

Teologi möter psykiatri

Tillfälligt slutsåld på Amazon.

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Björn Bäckström sa...


Följande rörande recension av boken under signaturen "Michael" säger det mesta:

"I can't imagine what this book is about and I know that I would never want to. My brother was mentally retarded with Down's Syndrome, oblivious to any church-practiced "God", and most certainly didn't need to be preached to, or to be "shown the way" to become any closer to God than he already was. When I was 12, I wrote a poem called "The Sinless Gone To Heaven" while I was first struggling with the understanding that my brother would be leaving this world sooner than me. Luckily, my brother was with us longer than the doctors said he would be. It would take too many words here to describe what my young mind was fully trying to say, but, in short it was my belief even as a kid that beautiful kids like my brother are sinless, if you are one to believe in sin. Their understandings are not like our own nor will any teachings make them more understanding. And this is something I will not debate. Even the title of this book is offensive to me, and to have never come across it would've helped me retain more positives in my day. My brother died on the morning of his 25th birthday before me or anyone in my family got to see him. He had dressed up in his nicest clothes, combed his hair carefully, and laid back on his bed staring straight up to the heavens. He was my guiding light and the world has always been a darker place since. If anyone "deserves" to be with God, it would be Ricky and those more like him who shine their bright personalities on everyone around them and everyone they meet. I struggle with my ideas of religions and most especially with those that use their interpretations of the Bible to preach their own self-righteous, worthless crap. I hope the people who wrote this book rot in Hell. I'm pretty sure they'll meet their "God" there."

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