9 juni 2014

Pinker om skrivandet

I höst kommer Stevens Pinkers nya bok om skrivandet - The Sense of Style. I boken tillämpar han ett vetenskapligt och darwinistiskt perspektiv för att förklara ännu ett område, likt han tidigare gjort i böcker som The Language Instinct och How The Mind Works. Edge har intervjuat Pinker och resultatet kan både läsa och ses: Writing in the 21st century.

Pinker inleder:
I believe that science can inform all aspects of life, particularly psychology, my own favorite science. Psychology looks in one direction to biology, to neuroscience, to genetics, to evolution. And it looks in another direction to the rest of intellectual and cultural life— because what are the arts but products of the human mind which resonate with our aesthetic and emotional faculties? What are social issues but ways in which humans try to coordinate their behavior and come to working arrangements that benefit everyone? There's no aspect of life that cannot be illuminated by a better understanding of the mind from scientific psychology. And for me the most recent example is the process of writing itself.

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