26 juni 2014

Under tiden i England...

...på Kings Colleges teologiska institution närmare bestämt, så pågår konferensen "Jesus and Brian or: What Have the Pythons Done for Us?". En konferens som utforskar den historiske Jesus - genom Monty Pythons Life of Brian.
Life of Brian in fact contains numerous references to what was then the cutting edge of biblical scholarship and Life of Jesus research, founded on the recognition of the historical Jesus as a Jew who needs to be understood within the context of his time. Implicitly, in setting ‘Brian’ within the tumultuous social and political background of his age, Life of Brian sets Jesus within it also. It assumes the audience has some knowledge of the gospel accounts, which directly inform the comedy.
Många prominenta Jesus-forskare är där, liksom Terry Jones och John Cleese.

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