7 jan. 2015

Kärleksbomba Charlie Hebdo

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Anders Hesselbom sa...

Jag slår ett slag för människan, inte religionen.

Lars Torstensson sa...

Den brittiska människorättsaktivisten, feministen, ex-muslimen och shariamotståndaren Maryam Namazie säger i ett budskap till Charlie Hebdos chefredaktör Gerard Biard:

I spoke on a panel with you in November last year at the International Feminist and Secular Network in Paris.

I am writing to express my outrage at the cold-blooded murder of freethinkers at Charlie Hebdo today and to give my unequivocal support.

Freedom of expression and the criticism of religion and Islam are basic rights. Clearly, free expression without the right to criticise religion is meaningless. Throughout history, criticism of religion (that which is deemed sacred or taboo) has been intrinsic to human progress.

In the era of ISIS and the religious-right, this criticism is a historical necessity and needed more than ever.

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