24 feb. 2015


Varning: Detta är konst som inte visar hänsyn och som kan provocera.

Konstvideon Manipulation (2004) av Mounir Fatmi (född 1970 i Marocko och lever och arbetar i Tanger och Paris).

Konstnärens beskrivning:
Manipulations (2004) deals with visual comparison in the form of a subtle insertion, as fleeting as a shot (its appearance and duration) as it is monumental as a motif (its symbolic content). In close up, a man's hands hold a Rubik cube, and instead of becoming organized in green blue, red and yellow areas, this cube becomes totally black, all of a sudden an image of the Kaaba, around which mills the huge throng of pilgrims, slips in between shots. The hands become covered with a black substance which seems to liquefy the cube (name of the "Rubik" and French translation of "kaaba"), the hands become gloved in this opaque blackness, the substance even soils the walls, like fuel oil smothering birds on beaches, and bogging the Gulf states down in their politics.

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