20 mars 2015

Om våld i religionens namn

FN:s människorättsexpert Heiner Bielefeldt presenterade i förra vecka inför Människorättsrådet en rapport om religions- och tankefrihet, med fokus på våld som utövas i religionens namn. Sammanfattningen nedan på tio minuter är nyanserad, men inte uddlös. Några citat:
While it would be wrong to focus on religion in isolation when analysing the problem, it would be equally simplistic to reduce religious motives to mere ‘excuses’ for violent crimes perpetrated in their name. 
Above all, it is important to overcome fatalistic attitude. 
Violence committed in the name of religion disproportionately targets religious dissidents, members of religious minorities or converts. 
Attacks will also likely increase where there is a recognized ‘official’ or State religion or when a religion is used as a medium to define national identity. 
Violence against women and against LGBT persons is often justified and given legitimacy by discriminatory laws based on religious laws or supported by religious authorities, such as laws criminalizing adultery, homosexuality or cross-dressing. 
Only a full account of the various root causes of the problems can build an awareness of the joint responsibility, which a broad range of actors have in fighting violence committed in the name of religion.

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Lars Torstensson sa...

"Organiserad religion är det största globala hotet mot mänskliga rättigheter" säger människorättsaktivisten Peter Tatchell.


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