3 mars 2015

Words Can Not Be Killed

Mycket har skrivits och sagts om det brutala mordet på författaren och fritänkaren Avijit Roy de senaste dagarna. Extremisten Farabi, som tidigare hotat Roy, har anhållits i samband med mordet. Farabi nekar till inblandning i mordet, men säger att bloggaren "has got what he deserved". Andra islamister har tagit på sig terrorhandlingen och firar den.

FN och USA har fördömt mordet på humanisten, som var amerikansk medborgare.
This was not just an attack against a person, but a cowardly assault on the universal principles enshrined in Bangladesh's constitution and the country's proud tradition of free intellectual and religious discourse,
Ett flertal demonstrationer mot mordet har genomförts i Bangladesh. Prof. Atikur säger:
Avijit was working to bring an effective change in the society through logic, intellectuality and talent.

Hedeniuspristagaren Taslima Nasrin uttalade sig om mordet i The Hindu.
There is no freedom of speech in Bangladesh. Such murders of writers had taken place there before.
Maryam Namazie har startat en upprop som snart nått 2000 signaturer.
We unequivocally condemn the attack on Avijit and his wife and also the many threats against atheist, secularist and freethinking bloggers and call on the Bangladeshi government to prosecute the Islamists involved, guarantee the safety of dissenters and respect free expression.
Teckning: Satish Acharya
En hemskt motbjudande ledare, i genren våld-är-fel-men, är publicerad i Dhaka Tribune.
It’s gravely disconcerting that Avijit, an expatriate, had to meet such a gruesome end, but perhaps independent-minded writers/thinkers should also take into account the complex social equations in Bangladesh before making declarations of atheism and agnosticism.
En positiv motvikt till detta skräp är insändaren - The growing circle of intolerance - i bdnews24.
It is time we understood one thing – with some issues if you are neutral, then you empower the oppressor. You cannot be neutral in case of a mugging, robbery, or murder. In case this was not clear to anyone, if someone’s words hurt you, you are free to use all the hurtful words you can muster to respond. 
However, you cannot use knives to hurt them physically. 
I imagine that the people who take such great pains to sound neutral want to make sure they do not offend the same extremist quarters that hacked a man to death. If such is the case, it is time to let go of one serious misconception – you are never going to be safe from those people. Once they have killed all the extreme atheists, agnostics, and ‘infidels,’ they will wipe out the secular.
Then, when the murder machine has no other enemy left outside, it will look towards itself inside its own camp. It will split hairs, find the most minuscule of differences, and kill the ones who harbour them. Your silence will not protect you. Your neutrality will not protect you. The day you let them kill an Avijit, the day you let them kill an Azad, you sign your own eventual death warrant.
Alom Shahas text om Avijit Roy måste också läsas.
He was a hero to many Bangladeshis, but few if any in the west will be declaring that they are Avijit in the way so many of us announced we were Charlie after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. But there are lots of Avijits outside the west, genuinely brave individuals who put their lives on the line to uphold values and freedoms that we take for granted. [...] 
Let’s not be mistaken about why Avijit was killed: he said and wrote things some people didn’t like. There will be more such killings. More people will die because they say, write or draw things that other people don’t like. More people will die until we are all united in stating unequivocally that anyone who commits such atrocities is entirely in the wrong, that it is unjustifiable to kill people who “offend” you, that blasphemy is a ridiculous notion and that no one should ever, ever be killed for “insulting” a religion or drawing a cartoon.
Roys dotter, Trisha Ahmed, författade ett kort inlägg på Facebook, vilket återpublicerats av IHEU.
What would help me the most right now is if everyone (even people I’ve never met) could share his story. His story should be heard in the US because Bangladesh is powerless; it’s corrupt, there is no law and order, and I highly doubt that any justice will come to the murderers. I want his story to be on US headline news, not only Bangladesh’s. If you could just do all you can to spread word of what’s happened, I would appreciate it so so much. Inform your schools, your communities, write all that you can. Please don’t allow my dad to die in vain. 
Please use your influence to help bring some sort of justice to the atrocious acts that have been committed against my parents. 

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