17 mars 2015

Yttrandefrihet i Europa och bortom

Maajid Nawaz, brittisk parlamentskandidat för the Liberal Democrat, höll vid partiets konferens ett försvarstal för yttrandefriheten. Två passager ur talet återges, men helhet finns att läsa eller lyssnas på nedan:
Every philosopher, prophet, scientist and great political and social reformer of their day has started as a heretic. Mohammad blasphemed against the polytheist social order of Mecca, Jesus against the monotheistic legalese of the Temple, and Moses before them against the idols of the Children of Israel. 

The right to heresy, to blasphemy, and to speak against prevalent dogma is as sacred and divine as any act of prayer. [...] 
We liberals will be rightly judged by the extent of our concern for the weakest among us. In today’s Britain, the weakest among us are often assumed to be minority communities. 
In fact, the weakest are those minorities-within-minorities for whom the legal right to exit from their communities’ constraints amounts to nothing before the enforcement of cultural and religious shaming. 
Those most vulnerable would include dissenting religious sects, feminists, LGBT and apostates, all of whom may question the prevailing dogma within their group identity. 
Liberalism in this instance is duty bound to unhesitatingly support the dissenting individual over the group, the heretic over the orthodox, innovation over stagnation and free speech over offence. 
Or, as John Maynard Keynes would say, to “appear unorthodox, troublesome, dangerous, disobedient to them that begat us”.

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