7 apr. 2015

"An Islamic 'Life of Brian'"

Sara Azmeh Rasmussen skriver på sin blogg att hon skall författa en islamisk "Life of Brian". Hon skriver fabeln på arabiska, men letar också efter någon som vill hjälpa till att redigera en engelsk version av texten.


An Islamic "Life of Brian"

I have decided to write a fable, a kind of "Life of Brian" for Muslims.

Humble before the task, I do believe that humour and sharp satire is an effective weapon against religious fanaticism, dogmatic beliefs and ideologically motivated violence. Therefore, I will work with this now, as a humanist response to the evil, madness and primitive anti-intellectual nature of militant Islamists.

I will write the novel in Arabic, and post it on this blog. Chapter by chapter. It is a new way of writing as I will not be able to edit published chapters. I think it is both politically and literary interesting to do it this way. The author, me, will know as little as the reader, you, about how the story will end. Right now I do not have a clue.

The challenge is: My English is not good enough to translate literary texts. Therefore, I need help, a person who can refine my English translation before publishing.

This pursuit may be risky, so this person can choose to remain fully anonymous. I will guarantee that.

If I do not find somebody who is willing to participate in this intellectual humanist work, I'm going anyhow to publish my imperfect English translation and hope for the readers indulgence.

I can be contacted at this email: s.a.rasmussen@telia.com

You can read the first two chapters here. I will translate them to Arabic, then write the rest of the story in Arabic, my mother tongue.

In Norwegian (a language I will never use again in my writings)

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