4 maj 2015

"Religion skall aldrig användas som en ursäkt för att tysta människor"

Svenska Reportrar utan gränser har tilldelat Raif Badawi deras årliga pressfrihetspris. Prismotiveringen lyder:
Badawi used his freedom of speech in a country where criticism of society is regarded as blasphemous. He has paid a prize in blood – but Saudi Arabia's attempt to silence him has also sparked global protests.
Jonathan Lundqvist, Reportrar utan gränser, kommenterar:
Religion must never be used as an excuse to silence people. To label criticism of civil affairs as blasphemy is an affront to all decency. It is a frightening development, indicating that religion has growing strong-hold in the Middle East. Societies that equate religious dogma with social systems can never be transparent. But what cannot be scrutinized or criticized have a tendency to break.

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