3 okt. 2015

...under tiden har Påven just helgonförklarat en person anklagad för folkmord

Det handlar om Fader Serra, prästen som tvingade katolicismen på ursprungsbefolkningen i Kalifornien (de hade inget val i frågan) och under vägs utrotade deras kultur.

Pope Francis Canonizes Extremely Controversial Historical Figure
The Pope just canonized a very, very controversial person
Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, September 23, 2015
New York Times skriver:
Born in Majorca in 1713, Father Serra joined the Franciscan order in 1730. He became an eminent theological professor before relinquishing his comfortable life to evangelize in the Americas. From 1769 to 1835, 90,000 Indians were baptized along the West Coast, from San Diego to San Francisco. Once baptized, they were not allowed to leave the missions, and those who did escape were rounded up by soldiers and returned.
The Indians were forced to shed their languages, dress, religion, food and marriage customs. Thousands died from exposure to European diseases to which they had no immunity. Of the approximately 310,000 Indians in 1769 in what is now California, only one-sixth remained a hundred years later, according to a University of California historian.
Det är helt barockt att helgonförklara en person med den här historien. Det är något Katolska kyrkan borde be om förlåtelse till mänskligheten för - på sina bara knän - inte fira.

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