14 dec. 2015

Shappi Khorsandi ny president för brittiska humanisterna

Med start 1 januari 2016 är Shappi Khorsandi ny president för British Humanist Association. Hon efterträder Jim Al-Khalili. Khorsandi är född i Iran och känd som komiker och författare.
It’s a great honour to be selected to be the next President of the British Humanist Association. As someone who was raised in a non-religious family, I don’t just believe that human virtues such as love, compassion, generosity, and understanding can exist outside the realm of religion… I know it for a fact. This approach has been hugely fulfilling in my own life, and it’s the ethos behind everything the BHA does – whether campaigning for a pluralistic and cooperative society, offering pastoral care in hospitals, or providing meaningful non-religious ceremonies for baby-namings, funerals, and weddings. 
I would like every young person growing up with the mainstream liberal non-religious values of today to know that their worldview isn’t second-best or incoherent and that there is a name for it – humanism.
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