17 feb. 2016

Come Home (Cardinal Pell) - Tim Minchin

Den som väntar på en ny sång från Tim Minchin får alltid vänta för länge. Men igår var det äntligen dags igen. Om ni undrar vad sången handlar om står det så här i Daily Review:
Tim Minchin has penned a song in his ever so polite, succinct, and yet jaunty way imploring Cardinal George Pell to return to Australia to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Cardinal Pell is apparently too poorly to fly and can’t make it home to give evidence about what he knew, or otherwise, about sexual abuse in the 1980s by priests in the Ballarat diocese.
Minchin said Pell’s excuse to not attend the hearing “stinks to high heaven” and in his singleCome Home (Cardinal Pell) asks one of the most powerful priests in the world to: “Come and face the music, Georgie/You owe it to the victims, Georgie”.
Proceeds from the sale of the the single will go to a gofundme.com campaign to help abuse survivors from Ballarat travel to Rome to observe Pell giving video evidence to the Commission on February 29.

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Anders Hesselbom sa...

Det finns en ny film med Michael Keaton om Katolska kyrkan. Rekommenderas varmt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwdCIpbTN5g

Anders Hesselbom sa...

Den utsågs som bästa film på Oscarsgalan. Mycket glädjande! http://oscar.go.com/winners

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