26 mars 2016

"The end of free speech"

En panel på Bristol Festival om Ideas diskuterar om yttrandefriheten är hotad i Storbritannien.
Are we facing a crisis in free speech? Are there limits on what we can talk about, campaign for, criticise and debate? Recent topics of discussion – ranging from the provision of safe spaces in educational institutions and work places, through ‘no-platforming’ policies to religious fundamentalism and the ideology behind the attacks in Paris and elsewhere – lead some to call for limits on freedom of speech and some areas of campaigning.
De fyra talarna är: Julie Bindel (skribent och journalist), Sarah Ditum (skribent som nyligen plockades bort från en panel i ett arrangemang av Bristol University Feminist Society), Maryam Namazie (politisk aktivist) och Sian Norris (skribent och feministaktivist).

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