15 apr. 2016

Möt Lord Dinkan (cheeze be upon him) - Indiens svar på det Flygande Spaghettimonstret

I Indien har ateister och rationalister skapat sin egen religion: Dinkoism, där de har upphöjt seriemusen Dinkan till Gud. Skapelseberättelsen går inte av för hackor:
Dinkan was born in Pankila forest, somewhere in Kerala, India. He was a naughty mouse, who wasn’t disciplined. During one of his escapades, Dinkan was abducted by aliens from an unknown planet. They conducted experiments on him which ended up giving him superior strength, enhanced senses and the ability to fly. Somehow Dinkan found himself back in Pankila forest and he decided to use his powers for the well-being of animals in the forest.
BBC har reportaget ni väntat på: Dinkan the mouse messiah bringing salvation to India’s atheists.

Vill ni läsa mer om Dinkan - och varför skulle ni inte vilja det - så har bloggen Why Evolution is True ett förnämligt reportage.

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