19 nov. 2016

Onsdag morgon, fylld av hopp

Det är upplyftande att se den amerikanska kreativiteten efter presidentvalet i förra veckan. Förhoppningsvis kommer den leva varje dag under kommande fyra år.
Humanity is a privilege, we can't give in / When they build walls, we'll build bridges / This is resistance, we're resilient / When they spread hate, we shine brilliant [...] 
Love everyone regardless of the God they worship / This isn't the Apocalypse / We can't address the hate until we acknowledge it / If Jesus was alive, would he let Mohamed in? / This isn't nature, my daughter hugs strangers / We teach fear and preach hatred [...] 
And we fight for the people that haven't had a voice / Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice / Fight for women's rights, if she does or doesn't care / We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all to get married

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