20 feb. 2017

Var människa först

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, FN:s High Commissioner för mänskliga rättigheter, talade i förra veckan vid Georgetown University. Hans tal handlade om växande nationalistiska strömningar som en missriktad reaktion på islamistisk terrorism.
Today’s nationalists seem, perhaps deliberately, to feed off the threat of terrorism. Terrorist violence is real and it is foul. But the nationalists fail to acknowledge that the perpetrators of most recent terrorist attacks are takfiris*, who have taken up a militant ideology, clearly identified. The vast majority of Muslims are not takfiris – not in France or here in the U.S., or anywhere else; nor do they come even close to supporting the takfiris, who have murdered tens of thousands of Muslims, and displaced hundreds of thousands of others, in the pursuit of their ideology. To thwart the takfiris, would it not be far smarter to tap into the huge number of Muslims who despise them, instead of alienating the very group most likely to unmask their operations?
Och ...
Time and again, humanity has lost its bearings on the back of half-truths and lies, and the results have been disastrous. And an essential cohesion at the heart of every social fabric, once textured and fluid, is torn apart and replaced by sharp social divisions.
Samt avslutade ...
I want to be part of a movement beyond my affiliations to family, to tribe or nationality, beyond my ethnicity, race, religion or gender, my professional affiliation, my sexual orientation or the like. 
To put it another way, Ladies and Gentlemen, eclipsing all the other identities I may have, I want to feel human first – human first.
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* takfir är en muslim som anklagar andra muslimer för apostasi.

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