5 aug. 2017

Indiens sekulära är tysta

Taslima Nasrin - den bangladeshiska författaren som tvingats fly sitt hemland, fått svenskt medborgarskap och numera är bosatt i Delhi, Indien - har stött på nya problem med religiösa fanatiker.

Nasrin skulle göra en privatresa inom Indien till Aurangabad, men stoppades på grund av protester från gruppen All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen. Lokal polisen avrådde Nasrin att lämna flygplatsen när hon kom dit.

I en debattartikel i Asia Times sätts händelsen i ett större perspektiv:
Muslim and Hindu fringe groups are attacking writers for the following reasons:
  • They fear writers have the power to change people’s thinking, make them question age-old beliefs and practices, and reform society. 
  • They lack tolerance.
  • Being dogmatic, they can’t accept other views.
  • The fear of being edged out by a pluralistic and inclusive society makes them insecure.
  • They don’t like to have their views on the word of god, their own superstitions, other beliefs, women’s rights, or freedom of expression and movement (as in the cases of Nasrin and Rushdie), challenged.
The silence from India’s secular society over Nasrin’s predicament is understandable. In India, one gains the tag “secular” through backing minority groups. All too often, those who support the majority group are branded “fascists” by intellectuals. And no “secular” intellectual will risk damaging his reputation by speaking out against minority – in this instance, Muslim – ills, as this would be seen to favor the Hindu majority. In Nasrin’s case, they may be thinking “After all, she is a foreigner, why bother?”
But Nasreen considers India as her country and home. Secularists should have been full-throated in their condemnations of the protests against her at Aurangabad airport.

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