8 aug. 2017

Internationell konferens om populism och extremist

I helgen arrangerade Humanists UK en internationell humanist konferens om populism och extremist.
Nearly 80 years on from its 1938 international conference on how humanists should respond to the growing threats of fascism and communism, Humanists UK brought together some of the world’s leading experts in authoritarian populism, religious extremism, and far-right and far-left movements, to discuss the current situation. These included leading social scientists from Harvard, the LSE, King’s College London, and Helsinki; two UN special rapporteurs; and leading campaigners from INGOs, think tanks, and advocacy organisations. It structured a day of penetrating talks on the current crisis in liberal democracies in terms of ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’, and featured participation from humanist activists working in every part of the world, who helped to shed light on a global phenomenon and outline possible resolutions.
Läs Humanists UK:s rapport från konferensen.

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