3 aug. 2017

Katoliker rädda för humanism

Humanisterna i Guatemala gjorde reklam med texten:
"Du behöver inte en gud eller en religion för att vara en god person. Om du håller med, är du inte ensam."
Detta ogillades av en katolsk organisation i landet, vilken hotade annonsbolaget och skylten plockades ner. David Pineda, ordförande för Humanistas Guatemala, säger:
"We are worried that the directives of the catholic seminar interpret the message as an attack, since it is not directed at them nor at any other religious group, but rather at every person who identifies himself with humanist thoughts and values. 
Also, it is worth mentioning that the publicity company has cooperated with us at all times and they have been very clear that they respect the mutual contract and our right to free speech. It was only the catholic’s pressure that obligated us to relocate the billboard."
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