8 okt. 2017

Islam för den politisk inkorrekte

Khaled Diad har skrivit boken Islam for the Politically Incorrect.
With Islam one of the most controversial, misunderstood and polarising issues of our time, the task of distinguishing the truth from the post-truth, and presenting alternative perspectives rather than alternative facts has become more urgent than ever.
This highly readable and inevitably controversial book deals with all the hot topics relating to Islam, tackling them uncompromisingly and head on. Whether it is the status of Muslim women, Islamic violence, fundamentalism, fanaticism, freedom or even the clash of civilisations, this book’s thematic chapters take you on an in-depth tour of Islam – its people, politics, history, culture, philosophy and mind-spinning diversity. Along the way, we stop off for cultural coffee breaks and sip on exquisite wines in the backstreet taverns of Islamic history.
Written by an atheist Arab of Muslim upbringing, this book is politically incorrect in its purest sense. It seeks to reveal the truth about Islam, unencumbered by anti- or pro-Islamic dogma, partisan interests or the growing 'us' and 'them' discourse.

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