24 dec. 2017

Julhälsning från vikingahantverkarna hos Grimfrost

Men ... är det inte självaste Oden som kommer med klapparna?

För er som blir förskräckta över denna oförblommade nordiska hedendom har Grimfrost lagt ut ett litet förtydligande: "Here's an important clarification. The video isn't bringing up the topic of religion. It explains how we in Scandinavia celebrate Xmas today and how it is linked to a time more than a thousand years ago. So rest assured; we do not care whether you believe in a man who walked on water, turned water into wine and resurrected the dead, or in a god who rides his chariot in the sky creating thunder, or in a clever, elephant-headed god with a huge appetite. Religion in our book doesn't necessarily have anything to do with spirituality."

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