19 dec. 2011

Richard Dawkins skriver öppet brev till David Cameron

Richard Dawkins har fått agera gästredaktör för New Statemans julnummer. Han publicerar där ett öppet brev till David Cameron om vikten av det sekulära samhället (och den sekulära staten).

Psychologists tell us that, if you experimentally separate children in any arbitrary way - say, dress half of them in green T-shirts and half in orange - they will develop in-group loyalty and outgroup prejudice. To continue the experiment, suppose that, when they grow up, greens only marry greens and oranges only marry oranges. Moreover, "green children" only go to green schools and "orange children" to orange schools. Carry on for 300 years and what have you got? Northern Ireland, or worse. Religion may not be the only divisive power that can propel dangerous prejudices down through many generations (language and race are other candidates) but religion is the only one that receives active government support in the form of schools.

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Ulf Gustafsson sa...

Jag kan inte läsa in att Dawkins använder någon motsvarighet till "sekulärt samhälle" i sin text.

Istället är han tydlig med vad han avser med en "sekulär stat":

"A diverse and largely secular country such as Britain should not privilege the religious over the non-religious, or impose or underwrite religion in any aspect of public life. A government that does so is out of step with modern demographics and values. You seemed to understand that in your excellent, and unfairly criticised, speech on the dangers of "multicul­turalism" in February this year. Modern society requires and deserves a truly secular state, by which I mean not state atheism, but state neutrality in all matters pertaining to religion: the recognition that faith is personal and no business of the state. Individuals must always be free to "do God" if they wish; but a government for the people certainly should not."

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