11 jan. 2012

Stäng Guantanamo!

Skriv under uppropet som kommer att lämnas till president Obama innan han håller sitt State of the Union-tal i januari 2012.

We call on the United States President Barack Obama to address the detentions at Guantánamo Bay as a human rights issue that requires urgent attention.

Guantánamo detainees should either be charged and prosecuted in fair trials or released to countries that will respect their human rights, including into the USA if that is the only available option;

The US military commissions, which do not meet international fair trial standards, should be abandoned, as should any pursuit of the death penalty;

Former or current US officials responsible for human rights violations must be held to account, including in respect of crimes under international law such as torture and enforced disappearance by bringing them to justice. Victims of human rights violations must be provided genuine access to effective remedy;

The USA must recognize the applicability of, and fully respect international human rights law, when conducting counterterrorism operations, including detentions in Guantánamo, detention facilities at Bagram in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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