27 mars 2013

Kreationist satsar $10 000 på tävlan mellan bibeln och evolutionsteorin

Någon borde ta sig an det här och bli $10 000 rikare. Kan bli rätt kul. Tävlingen är förstås riggad, men man ska komma överrens om domare vilket öppnar upp för att det faktiskt går att få till en rättvis bedömning. Jag skulle föreslagit Francis Collins, men han hade sannolikt tackat nej till att se sin tro dras i smutsen. Läs hela historien hos the Guardian.
Creationist stakes $10,000 on contest between Bible and evolution
Creator of Literal Genesis Trial believes people who argue in favor of evolution are at a scientific disadvantage
Dr Joseph Mastropaolo, who says he has set up the contest, the Literal Genesis Trial, in the hope of improving the quality of arguments between creationists and evolutionists, has pledged to put $10,000 of his own money into an escrow account before the debate. His competitor would be expected to do the same. The winner would take the $20,000 balance.
The argument would not be made in a formal court, but under an alternative dispute resolution model known as a minitrial. Mastropaolo said he would present the argument in favor of a literal interpretation of the creation story once he had found a willing scientist to argue that a non-literal interpretation of Genesis is more scientific.
"They [evolutionists] are not stupid people, they are bright, but they are bright enough to know there is no scientific evidence they can give in a minitrial," Mastropaolo said.
The Literal Genesis Trial contest would be held in a courthouse in Santa Ana, California and Mastropaolo has said he will create a list of potential superior court judges to decide the case. The participants would have to agree on a judge. Mastropaolo said that he hopes the trials can improve future debates between evolutionists and creationists by addressing the issue in a legal and scientific way.
"The evolutionists thereafter could read that transcript and make their case a bit stronger on the next one they contend against and we can do the same," Mastropaolo said. "We can read the transcript and not have have to go through the same process over and over and over again without any let up, without any resolution."

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