27 mars 2013

Ointelligent designat citat om intelligent design

“Christians should be concerned about embracing ID, because it does not affirm that God is the creator In fact, they even say that the designing intelligence could be a space alien! Of course, virtually all the ID people are Christians who believe that the designer is God, but that is not officially part of ID. BioLogos insists that the design of the world comes from the God that Christians worship, not a random intelligence.

Karl Giberson & Francis Collins.
The Language of Science and Faith:
Straight Answers to Genuine Questions, p. 193.
Säga vad man vill om Francis Collins, men han är intelligent nog att veta vad det handlar om. Hur vet vi att Gud är skaparen av allt? Vi insisterar - hör ni det? - vi insisterar!!!

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