12 nov. 2013

Ögonvittnesskildring från Tacloban

Lynette Lim, en ur Rädda Barnens personal som var på plats i Tacloban när Haiyan slog till berättar i the Telegraph om sina upplevelser.
"Everything was just flattened," said Miss Lim, the Asia communications manager for Save the Children, who arrived in Tacloban with a group of aid workers assessing the potential need for help just 24 hours before Haiyan smashed into the city on Friday. 
"The water was knee high and there were bodies floating in the streets. I saw several dead children. I'd say two out of every five corpses I saw were kids. Most of the houses were wooden and they were completely destroyed. 
"There were trees and electrical poles strewn across the road and corrugated iron roofing that had been ripped off houses".
Det är många organisationer på plats nu för att hjälpa till. Här är några.
Rädda Barnen
Röda Korset
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