27 feb. 2014

Dödshjälp, en mänsklig rättighet

A. C. Grayling resonerar om FN:s deklaration om de mänskliga rättigheterna, specifikt dess tredje artikel: Var och en har rätt till liv, frihet och personlig säkerhet. Grayling anser att denna skrivning ger människor rätt till dödshjälp.
Bild från Rationalist
But there is indeed a place for philosophical exploration of the ideas involved. Take the right to life, for example. Obviously enough, it cannot be regarded as a right to mere existance, but must imply a right to life of a certain quality and meaning. A number of of important considerations follow from this. One might seem surprising at first; that the right to life entails a right to die. Even more specifically, it implies a right to die in a manner and at a time of one's own choosing, and with the help of medical technology, if necessary, to make it an easeful death. This follows because dying happens in the cause of life, even though it is the very end of life, and a right of life of a minimum quality entails that, like anything that happens in lived experience, dying should not be unpleasant and difficult if there are reasonable means of making it otherwise. (ur The God Argument)

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