3 mars 2014

En del människor tror faktiskt på det här

Scientologi. Det går knappt att hitta på. Eller jo, uppenbarligen. I alla fall om man är en skicklig science-fiction-författare.

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Henrik Larsson sa...

Kul men läskigt från länkbiblioteket:


Ett citat när författaren får ta del av materialet på den tiden det var dödligt hemligt, alltså innan nätet fanns...
Stor underhållning...

In the late seventies, the O.T. material was still quite secret. There was no Google, and Scientology’s confidential scriptures had not yet circulated, let alone been produced in court or parodied on “South Park.” “You were told that this information, if released, would cause serious damage to people,” Haggis told me.

Carrying an empty, locked briefcase, Haggis went to the Advanced Organization building in Los Angeles, where the material was held. A supervisor then handed him a folder, which Haggis put in the briefcase. He entered a study room, where he finally got to examine the secret document—a couple of pages, in Hubbard’s bold scrawl. After a few minutes, he returned to the supervisor.

“I don’t understand,” Haggis said.

“Do you know the words?” the supervisor asked.

“I know the words, I just don’t understand.”

“Go back and read it again,” the supervisor suggested.

Haggis did so. In a moment, he returned. “Is this a metaphor?” he asked the supervisor.

“No,” the supervisor responded. “It is what it is. Do the actions that are required.”

Maybe it’s an insanity test, Haggis thought—if you believe it, you’re automatically kicked out. “I sat with that for a while,” he says. But when he read it again he decided, “This is madness.”

Anders Bergdahl sa...

Nu var ju inte Hubbard en bra SF författare.. tackar vet jag Arthur C Clarke och Asimov.. till att börja med.. :-)

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