13 mars 2014

Ett dån av humanism från Kabuls berg

Via Afghan Humanists Associations blogg:
My hands are stretching from the ruins of Kabul, from a city caged by mountains, which will burst out at any moment and I feel it. These mountains have profound inner stories that are full of darkness and wickedness. They are the true witnesses of horrors to reveal. They have cried like I have cried, like mothers, father and sisters of this land have cried. But these mountains cried for centuries, they cried so profusely that hardly anything grows there. They are suffocated by snow and the sky is shouting at them thunderingly, I can feel them and I fear they will soon burst out. 
I learned from these mountains how the history of this land is ghastly, dreadful and horrendous; people are being killed in front of their eyes, mothers become widows and have lost sons. Daughters are taken away and kids have never been kids. This is the land that has been suffering for centuries and I can feel it. [...]
[...] First you are all human and because you are all humans you have different tastes, your cultures, languages, experiences are different, so if you only respect your differences you will not have bloodshed and a peaceful co-existence will flourish. You can be equal because you are all humans and the basis of your equality must be your humanity. The breeze throttled me, realizing I am not a rock, I am nothing compared to their resilience and wisdom. I think to myself, if we base our equality on gender, social status, religious status, etc., surely they will all fail and these mountains have witnessed all of these failures everyday for centuries. Now I feel relieved walking down the hill towards home, happy that I learned something and my voice and the voices of millions of this land will be heard I think everyone should take a quiet moment to look at these mountains and reflect. 
This is why I think Humanism is a great way to start because it favours individuals to think and reflect for themselves without any constraints on how to think. We believe that human experience, rational reasoning through logic and critical thoughts provide the only source of both knowledge and ethical outlook to live by. Knowledge is not revealed; we search for it together and learn from our experiences. 
Siddiq Wali

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