12 aug. 2014

Wole Soyinka fick Internationella humanistpriset

En av höjdpunkterna vid World Humanist Congress i Oxford var utdelningen av the International Humanist Award till författaren och nobelpristagaren Wole Soyinka. Han fick priset för "modig kamp för yttrandefrihet, samtidigt som hans eget liv utsatts för extrema hot."

Soyinka skulle deltagit i kongressen, men fick ställa in på grund av sjukdom. Han hade istället läst in ett tal i förväg, vilket spelades upp på kongressen. Och talet var ett kraftfullt fördömande av inte bara religiös extremism som Boko Haram, utan mot alla religiösa ledare som i tystnad ser fanatism gro runt omkring dem.

Citat från talet:
The conflict between Humanists and Religionists has always been one between the torch of enlightenment and the chains of enslavement. And let me state that one wishes that we were speaking merely of invisible chains. Alas, the chains we speak of are not only visible but cruelly palpable. All too often they lead directly to the gallows, to beheadings, to death under a hail of stones. In numerous parts of the world today the Scroll of Faith is indistinguishable from the Roll-call of Death.
So, what should be our response to such aggression? Each event must dictate its own methodology of response, but a basic rule is – certainly not a response that fails to take cognizance of the dynamic world context in which we exist. Certainly not a response that fails to challenge the arrogance of religious imperialism, and also redresses the permissive laxities of the past. We need to deploy a new language whose message is: the world is not your jurisdiction. 
Each time some wound to religious sensibilities is used to unleash terror on innocent communities, the obvious response should be: invade and inundate that space with the very material that is alleged to have given offence. An aerial bombardment with weapons of the mind – invade that space through whatever medium of transmission is feasible. If textual – pages, chapters, illustrations, word clusters floating in space, descending on church steeples, minarets, schools, farms, factories, prisons, markets and barracks, floating down on the pompous, hypocritical chambers where self-designated theologians order the arrest, torture, imprisonment, decapitations and hangings of those alleged to be enemies of an unseen deity.
Hela texten finns att läsa hos IHEU.

Uppdatering: Inlägget uppdaterat och återpostat, efter att hela texten blev tillgänglig. Tidigare fanns bara vissa citat från The Independent.

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