21 dec. 2014

Glad HumanLight!

Idag vid vintersolståndet firas HumanLight av humanister i framför allt USA. Ryan Somma skriver i The Humanist om att "när vi firar vintersolståndet, firar vi vår plats i den häftigt episka mänskliga historien":
In 2007 the American Humanist Association became the first national sponsor of HumanLight, the humanist holiday celebrated on or around December 23. The HumanLight website describes the holiday as celebrating and expressing “positive humanist ideals and values: Reason, Compassion, Hope, Humanity.” I loved the idea of having a humanist holiday, but on a forum promoting HumanLight, I had to ask why we needed it “when we have a perfectly, brilliantly secular holiday in the winter solstice?” 
“Because the winter solstice has no meaning,” one participant informed me. 
No meaning? It took me a while to understand why this answer shocked and offended me so much. Having read the wondrous musings of Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Jacob Bronowski, Jared Diamond, and many other modern exponents of science, I know that in the context of human history, of evolution, and our place in the cosmos, the winter solstice is arguably the most significant day of the year for all of human civilization.
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Lennart W sa...

Det är ungefär nu (ca 3 jan för att vara lite mer exakt) som jorden är som *närmast* solen. Längst bort är vi mitt i sommaren (ca 4 juli). Go figure.

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