12 juni 2016

Personligt om språkets renhet

I kväll arrangeras PI-symposium 2016 i Stockholm. (Kanske går det att köpa biljetter fortfarande.) I seminariet kommer några av världens främsta forskare och filosofer tala om Kunskapens gränser. En av dessa är den amerikanska medvetandeforskaren Douglas Hofstadter. Hen är främst känd för sin bok Gödel, Escher, Bach, utgiven 1979, men det finns en lång rad av henom utgivna verk. Ett av dessa är essän A Person Paper on Purity in Language. I denna satir argumenterar hen mot när antirasism försöker påverka språket.
A Person Paper on Purity in Language
William Satire (alias Douglas R. Hofstadter) 
It's high time someone blew the whistle on all the silly prattle about revamping our language to suit the purposes of certain political fanatics. You know what I'm talking about-those who accuse speakers of English of what they call "racism." This awkward neologism, constructed by analogy with the well-established term "sexism," does not sit well in the ears, if I may mix my metaphors. But let us grant that in our society there may be injustices here and there in the treatment of either race from time to time, and let us even grant these people their terms "racism" and "racist." How valid, however, are the claims of the self-proclaimed "black libbers," or "negrists"-those who would radically change our language in order to "liberate" us poor dupes from its supposed racist bias? 
Most of the clamor, as you certainly know by now, revolves around the age-old usage of the noun "white" and words built from it, such as chairwhite, mailwhite, repairwhite, clergywhite, middlewhite, Frenchwhite, forewhite, whitepower, whiteslaughter, oneupuwhiteship, straw white, whitehandle, and so on. The negrists claim that using the word "white," either on its own or as a component, to talk about all the members of the human species is somehow degrading to blacks and reinforces racism. Therefore the libbers propose that we substitute "person" everywhere where "white" now occurs. Sensitive speakers of our secretary tongue of course find this preposterous. There is great beauty to a phrase such as "All whites are created equal." Our forebosses who framed the Declaration of Independence well understood the poetry of our language. Think how ugly it would be to say "All persons are created equal," or "All whites and blacks are created equal." Besides, as any schoolwhitey can tell you, such phrases are redundant. In most contexts, it is self-evident when "white" is being used in an inclusive sense, in which case it subsumes members of the darker race just as much as fairskins. 
Läs hela essän. Den är författad 1985 och visst har språket, både engelska och svenska, förändrats något på dessa 30 år. Vilket är vad språk gör.

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Patrik N sa...

"Hen", och "henom". Varför?

Anders Hesselbom sa...

För att det är kortare än "han eller hon"?

Patrik N sa...

Venne. Vad säger hen som skrivit blogginlägget?

Ulf Gustafsson sa...

Hen ansåg det passade i sammanhanget.

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